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peccant adj : liable to sin; "a frail and peccable mortal"- Sir Walter Scott [syn: peccable]

Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

aberrant, abominable, abroad, adrift, all abroad, all off, all wrong, amiss, arraignable, arrant, askew, astray, at fault, atrocious, awry, bad, bad for, base, beside the mark, black, blamable, blameworthy, cankered, carious, censurable, contaminated, corrupt, criminal, culpable, damnable, dark, decayed, deceptive, decomposed, defective, delusive, deviant, deviational, deviative, diseased, disgraceful, distorted, errant, erring, erroneous, evil, execrable, fallacious, false, faultful, faulty, festering, flagitious, flagrant, flawed, foul, gangrened, gangrenous, gone bad, guilty, harmful, heinous, heretical, heterodox, ill, illogical, illusory, impeachable, implicated, improper, inaccurate, inauspicious, inculpated, indictable, inexpedient, infamous, infected, inferior, iniquitous, injurious, insalubrious, insanitary, invalid, involved, knavish, low, malevolent, monstrous, morbid, morbific, mortified, naughty, necrosed, necrotic, nefarious, noisome, not right, not true, noxious, off, off the track, out, pathogenic, pathological, perverse, perverted, pestiferous, poisoned, polluted, putrefied, putrescent, putrid, rank, reprehensible, reproachable, reprobate, reprovable, rotten, rotting, scandalous, self-contradictory, septic, shameful, sinful, sinister, sphacelated, spoiled, straying, suppurating, suppurative, tainted, to blame, ulcerated, ulcerous, unfactual, unfavorable, unforgivable, unhealthful, unhealthy, unhygienic, unkind, unorthodox, unpardonable, unpleasant, unproved, unsanitary, unskillful, unspeakable, untoward, untrue, unwholesome, unworthy, vicious, vile, villainous, wicked, wide, wrong
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